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Traveling to heal kids

Lilongwe Outreach Clinic

Story by CURE International March 9th, 2018

In February, the CURE Malawi team traveled to Lilongwe for a big, two-day clinic in the capital city. Since Lilongwe is a five-hour drive from the hospital in Blantyre, the team left CURE Malawi at 3:30 in the morning, and arrived around 8:30 a.m. CURE Malawi has more than 30 mobile outreach clinics each year at hospitals around the country.

The mobile team started seeing kids right away.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1233.jpg

The first day, the mobile team saw over 90 patients including Jeradi. Jeradi has severe osteogenesis imperfecta, otherwise known as brittle bone disease.

Jeradi Tomasi, Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_0933.jpg

Loveness preaches the gospel while the children and their guardians wait to be seen.

Lilongwe Clinic, Loveness Macheke, Malawi_0953.jpg

Little Taniya caught our attention with her adorable afro and chubby cheeks! She has a burn contracture on her right hand and will be coming to CURE for surgery! We’re so excited to follow her and hear her story!

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi, Taniya Nilusa__0987.jpg

While waiting for clinic, local pastors are invited by CURE to come in and provide counseling and teaching to the parents of children with disabilities.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_0971.jpg
Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1021.jpg

Dr. Kyle James examines an X-ray during the mobile clinic.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1116.jpg

A boy waits to see one of the CURE doctors in the inner courtyard under drying laundry.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_0977.jpg

Naomi’s being referred to the plastic surgeons at another hospital to be treated for her lip. As well as seeing orthopedic patients, we occasionally have children come in who we can refer to Queen Elizabeth Public Hospital. They are helped through organizations like Smile Train.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi, Naomi Anthony__1133.jpg

Dr. Kaweme and Dr. James speak to a young mother about her baby’s condition.

Kaweme Mwafulirwa, Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1106.jpg
Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1158.jpg

CURE Malawi partners with other non-profit organizations in the region, such as Feed the Children and MACOHA (Malawi Council for the Handicapped). These charity organizations brought some of the children to see CURE doctors and provided transportation for them to get home again. In this photo, Gerald from Feed the Children speaks with some of the children to be admitted for surgery.

Gerald Chibaya, Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1321.jpg

Funny Soko, Playroom Coordinator, came as the representative of the Spiritual Department to help counsel the kids and their guardians as they prepare to come to CURE for their operations.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1319.jpg

Bernadetta’s agogo, or granny, waits to speak to the admissions team.

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1089.jpg

The mobile team also followed up on kids like Chriss, who had a burn contracture release at CURE Malawi for his hands. He will be having another surgery.

Chriss Chisema, Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1219.jpg
His mom Triphonia says, “My son's condition has improved so much. He is able to hold things now, which was quite impossible before his operation."

The team also met amazing new kids, like Aisha and her very enthusiastic granny! She insisted we take a lot of photos of her granddaughter! Aisha’s knock-knee is very mild, and since it’s expected around this age, the doctors told her to return in a year to make sure that her legs are straightening out.

Aisha Chifuniro_, Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1311.jpg

In total, the team saw more than 90 patients on Monday and over 60 on Tuesday, which is a grand total of more than 150!

Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_0974.jpg
The team also caught up with Elemes, who says, "I am very happy because now I can walk properly, and even run! My leg is no longer numb like before."
Elemes Baten, Lilongwe Clinic, Malawi_1355.jpg

It was two long days, but the CURE Malawi mobile team is even more excited to go and see more kids for the next Lilongwe clinic in June, to share the gospel, follow up, and admit children for surgery. Oftentimes, the kids and their families can’t afford to travel the long way to the main hospital. Mobile clinics result in better follow up care and long-term results! They also bring in new kids who need operations.

We are so thankful for all our generous sponsors and donors who help to fund our mobile clinics all over Malawi! You can help heal kids with CURE each month, too. Go to to get started.