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Smile Like You Mean It

The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International October 5th, 2017

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Ethiopia

Photos by: Bethelehem Teshome

Little Filagot has been with us for a while. He is friendly with all the nurses in the ward and it was Makeda’s turn to play with him.
One of our volunteers, Miss Valerie, teaches little Yabebeb knitting and sewing! They made a beautiful little bag.


Photos by Naphtali Foster and Nelson Muoki

Pamela! You’re killing it with that smile! (Foster)
This lovely girl feels very secure in her mother’s arms and waits to be reviewed at one of our mobile clinics. (Muoki)
One’s necessity is another's toy. These two became great friends at clinic. (Muoki)


Photos by Joel Witwer

WIth only one full-time surgeon, we are extremely grateful for our volunteer surgeons who help us cure as many kids as possible!
A familial-type bond develops between our long-term patients. Everyone looks after each other.

CURE uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Maureen colors a picture of a dog, puppies, and zebras, which are her favorite animals.
Physiotherapist Sam performs chest physiotherapy on Shakuru.

cure zamiba

Photo by Abby Tumelo

Moses gives the best smile during a hydrocephalus workshop at CURE Zambia.

cure dominican republic

Photos by Yovanni Medrano

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Psalm 121:1
We celebrated our birthdays of the month: Manuela and Parra. They could not be happier, though Parra was concerned about the candle!
We couldn’t resist that look, so we approached and asked for permission to take a cuteness photo!