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Quiet fun

The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International December 9th, 2017

A collection of CURE photos from around the world.


Photos by: Naphtali Foster

John, a nurse anesthetist, had gotten cake in celebration of his birthday, and Moza really wanted some.
Harrison was so generous that he was giving us his diapers!
This little guy came for review at CURE, and he’s the perfect size to sit on our counter!
Sometimes our Storytellers talk to teddy bears, including Storyteller Nelson.

Photos by: Elvis Lemaiyan

Maggie loves to take strolls in the hospital but does not really talk much. We caught up with her and took a picture.
We celebrated birthdays today during our joint morning devotion. November and December babies got to share cake with everyone.
Peter and George share a light moment after devotion. Peter works in the Brace Shop and George is a physiotherapist.


Photos by Avanell Brock

We have showers for the kids and guardians to use but sometimes there’s nothing quite as efficient as a bucket bath for a baby.
We were so happy to see Hajira and her mom Agnes while waiting for an MRI.
Innocent was readmitted because he needs to have his skin flap sewn back up – he was running around on it too much at home!


Photos by Joel Witwer

This little band of trouble makers wreck havoc on the hospital, but the friendship makes us happy!
Aghali takes in his new surroundings as he mentally prepares himself for surgery.


Photos by Hope Kim Doit

These Christmas elves bring a holiday cheer to anyone who walks in and out of the exam rooms in the fourth floor.
Dr. Jun and Nurse Jhun recently joined a clubfoot training in India.

Photos by Marlene Bray

Oh, the weather outside is…still sunny and hot! Our staff is trying hard to will some Christmas weather into existence.
uis and his dad wash his feet outside in between castings during mobile clinic. One more set of casts, and he’ll be clubfoot free!


Photos by Abby Tumelo

Elizabeth gives a thumbs up for how great she is feeling this week!
Florence and the CURE Zambia story teller enjoy a good laugh and high fives at her follow up appointment.


Photos by: Bethelehem Teshome

Misganaw, Chaina, Abduba,Tariku and Samuel. These five always seem to be having fun together!