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Precious in His sight

The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International February 25th, 2018

A collection of CURE photos from around the world.


Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie

We always start with prayer in the operating room, and on this day, Aman prayed for Hadija!
Lemlem was happy to hear from Dr. Mesfin that her leg is healing well!


Photos by Naphtali Foster, Elvis Lemaiyan, and Nelson Muoki

Anita loves laughing a lot, and there is never a dull moment. (Lemaiyan)
Positive vibes only! (Lemaiyan)
Our physios can also be entertainers! (Foster)
Juliette and her family came to clinic in their car! (Foster)
Two of the attendees at "Night to Shine" share a brotherly moment. (Muoki)


Photos by Avanell Brock

You never know where Faith might show up, but this is not the first time she’s popped into a window to scare me.
Sean, a volunteer from the U.S., brought some balloons for balloon animals. We repurposed some for water balloons!

cure philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray

It’s just in Elaine’s nature to soothe and comfort nervous patients before surgery. She does it so well!
A true servant’s heart in action. After a slight flood in the operating room, Dr. Jun grabbed a mop and without hesitation, helped clean up.

cure niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Djamila experiences one of the not so fun parts of the hospital, bandage changes.
Visiting orthopedic surgeon, Dr Frederico, observes visiting plastic surgeon, Dr Andrew, release a burn contracture.

cure uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Mark lays on his bed in the ward.
Scrub Tech Eric and Dr. Kerry perform an ETV/CPC under the guidance of Dr. Justin.

cure zambia

Photos by Chaanga Mungalu

Paul Daka standing strong after completely healing from the operation he had on his right knee six months ago.
During the Training Centre opening,Tiamike gives flowers to Prof. Sekelani Banda, Director of HR, Ministry of Health. Steve is on the right.
Tiamkile shows off her dress as she stands next to Lucy.
A dancing group entertaining the crowd at the official opening ceremony of the training centre.