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New smiles

The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International January 27th, 2018

CURE philippines

Photos by Hope Kim Doit

Princess has an amazing willpower. Not even a bad infection beats her positive outlook!
It’s a lot harder to capture photos of pre-teen boys compared to our little toddlers.

Photos by Marlene Bray

We were blessed with several boxes of dance dresses to give away to patients from!
Before distributing the dresses, our staff had to do a quick "quality check"
Ben Ben (right) took about five minutes to find his way onto ward neighbor Rex’s bed; and the two became fast friends!

CURE uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Baby Viola is held by her mom Viola. Grandma Fausta stands at the end of their bed.


Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie

Feyera was excited to show us his best smile!
Joli and Tariku were spending time in the ward, wheeling around, chatting with others, and wanted their photo taken!


Photos by Naphtali Foster & Elvis Lemaiyan

Sharon reads an animal book in the playroom. (Lemaiyan)
When a window of opportunity to share some love opens up, you dare not resist it.
Pr. Emmy, who is in charge of the playroom, had a nice time being creative with Faith and Naomi. (Lemaiyan)
"How’s Jenny?” Mercy asked. Jenny was Kenya’s very first Storyteller.
Our girl Faith, who has spent a lot of time at CURE, showed up at mobile clinic, shyly hiding her face from us in her mother’s skirts.
Both of these little boys are named Haron.
Oh, stop it with the cute smiles already, Brydon!

cure Malawi

Photos by Avanell Broack

Walked out of our office to see this little face peering up at us!
Our friend Edson gives us a huge grin and a fistbump from the bars in physio!

cure niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Souraya has been at CURE Niger, on and off, for over a year now and we love every minute she is here!
Anesthesiologist Dr. Diane prays over an operation as Dr. Issa works on repairing a cleft lip.