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Megertu's Mountain

watching a miracle

Story by CURE International September 18th, 2015


You park at the bottom, after the dirt road runs out. You pack all of the camera equipment on your back and carefully cross the mountain stream, one slippery rock at a time.

Megertu Mountain_6866.jpg

Then you start hiking up.

Megertu Mountain_5993.jpg

We stopped to pick Megertu up on the way back to CURE’s hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after a photo shoot farther north.

We arrived to find a sad, weary, sick girl.


You couldn’t miss the fact that she had clubfoot. The toes of her orange boots pointed inward toward each other. They stood out like a neon sign advertising her disability to the entire mountain.

Megertu Before_5965.jpg

Megertu lives on a small farm on the hillside with her grandmother. When she was born with a disability, her mother decided she didn’t want her. Other people told the family to kill her. Megertu’s grandmother took her in and raised her as her own.

Megertu and Grandma_5919.jpg

Most kids are expected to work in the fields with the animals at a young age. If you can’t work in a farming village like this one in Ethiopia, you are viewed as worthless.

Boy Working Field_1431.jpg

Megertu couldn’t work in the fields with the animals. The walking hurt too much. So did the beatings her uncles gave her as punishment for being disabled. Hers was one more mouth to feed, the only one who couldn’t earn her keep. Not only did she have to walk up a literal mountain with the cattle, she had a figurative mountain to climb to find worth and value in the eyes of her family.

Megertu Before_5947.jpg

It was a slow and treacherous walk to get back to our vehicle. I was wearing quality hiking boots, and I have experience with shoots in remote locations all over the world, but I was struggling. Imagine walking down a mountain like that on the side of your feet in cheap rubber gum boots.

Megertu Walks Before_6011.jpg

We took Megertu to our hospital in Addis. In the words of the Spiritual Director there, “CURE rescued her.” For the first time in her life, she experienced care and kindness from people other than her grandmother.

ethiopia hosp 2012_0687.jpg

Another first? Walking out of the hospital on straight feet.

Megertu After_1874.jpg

When Megertu came back to the village after her surgery at CURE, her grandmother couldn’t believe what she saw. She fell to the ground and thanked God.

megertu and gmaBAF_1747.jpg

The Bible says that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

I saw an abused little girl’s face go from shamed to smiling.

megertu BAF_1531.jpg

I saw a miracle walk up a mountain.


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Footnote: Photos and story by Bryce Alan Flurie