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Laughing together

The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International March 11th, 2018

A collection of CURE photos from around the world.

CURE philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray

No, we’re not above using movies to bribe our kids during cast changes. They are our kings and queens and they are treated as such!
Allen decided the wait for his follow up was just too long, but mom was still smiling!
We meet patients like Ryan Dave where they’re at… even when they’re hiding under their blankets!

Photos by Hope Kim Doit

The Accounting team doesn’t get seen around the hospital, but they work just as hard as everyone else!
Zaida has no problem waiting in clinic as she multitasks in the playroom.
John is curious to see what is under Nurse Jhun’s mask. He couldn’t help but giggle at what he saw!

cure uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Linet smiles as she enjoys the Spiritual Center's playroom.
Namubiru reads get well messages as she holds her daughter Viola.

cure zambia

Photos by Chaanga Mungalu

Onesta exhibiting her beautiful smile.
It is always fun to have Myles around!
These two say their goodbyes after being discharged from the  hospital.

cure ethiopia

Mieraf Gebresellasie

Adem used to walk on all fours. Now, he can stand up with crutches! Healing is a journey.
Rehemet enjoys being in the playroom with Storyteller Betty.

cure kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster

Smile Train is back at CURE to bring more joy and restore more smiles!
“Cartoon,” Frederick said when he saw this photo of his funny face and his friend, Peter.
Apparently, lunch is a whole lot of fun!
Barack was hungry as he waited for his surgery, so a smile was not given!
Kai was cheesing it up with us though!