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Story by CURE International August 30th, 2016

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Matthew 7:7-8

Marcos can’t read yet, but he can frequently be found with a Bible, pretending to read and sing. His favorite chorus, a common one in the Dominican Republic, goes, “The heart that has God cannot be sad.”

It’s no surprise that Marcos wants to be a pastor when he grows up and also no surprise that, even at the age of five, he has so much faith. It’s something he learned from his mom, Crucita.

Crucita and Marcos
bible point BAF_1229.jpg

Crucita radiates joy when she smiles, and she smiles a lot. When sadness hits her, though, it comes swiftly. It usually only happens when she reflects on her family’s situation. Her husband, a motorcycle driver, is currently out of work, so there isn’t much money coming in; when it rains, water pours through her house and she has to run to cover the children’s beds so they don’t get soaked through; and for years, her youngest child was disabled.

Marcos Mom Looks_1333.jpg

Marcos is the youngest of six boys. He and his family live in Barahona, a coastal town about three hours southwest of Santo Domingo. When Marcos’ legs began to bow, Crucita became concerned and immediately looked for help.

Marcos, before surgery

For two years, Crucita knocked on the doors of every hospital she could find, searching for answers. She says that she never became discouraged because she believed that if God created Marcos with bowed legs, God could heal him of bowed legs. So she just kept knocking, believing that one day, God would provide the answer they needed.

Crucita ended up taking Marcos to a local hospital regularly for medication and rehabilitation, even though the visits didn’t result in any progress. One day, a doctor at the hospital took her aside and said,

“God put it in my heart to help you. The medication and rehabilitation is not going to help him, but I will send you to a place where they will do something for you.”

He sent her to CURE Dominican Republic. That, Crucita says, is where the miracle happened.

Doctors at CURE Dominican Republic perform a surgery

It’s quite a long bus ride from Barahona to the CURE hospital in Santo Domingo and Crucita wasn’t sure how she’d find the money for transportation. She said,

“We didn’t have any money to get there, so I sold three chairs and two saucepans. I sold all that just so we could get to CURE. Christ said to ‘go and knock,’ and I felt like He was going to open the door.”
CURE Dominican Republic

He did open the door, and less than a month later, Marcos had the first of three surgeries to correct his bowed legs.

When Crucita saw Marcos standing up for the first time after his surgeries, she was nervous that he might fall over, but when, instead of falling, he began walking toward her on straight legs, Crucita couldn’t contain her emotions.

“I laughed; I cried; I couldn’t believe it! When I saw that, I surrendered my whole life to God. He had given me so much, and I had given God nothing. So my life is everything I can give Him in return. God gave me many sons, and He gave me a trial through Marcos, but He gave me the door to walk out.”

marcos BAF_1056CROP.jpg
“I feel great. I’m so happy that God has changed my life. I want the whole world to know that peace and happiness are found in the word of God. Faith moves mountains.”

Life is still hard sometimes. Crucita still gets sad when she thinks about what she dreams for her family and how far away it seems, but—just like in each of our lives—she can look back and see how God has provided for her in the past. Because of that, no matter the struggle, she still has room for joy.

Footnote: Photos by Bryce Alan Flurie. Written by Beka Watts.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic