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Exploring playtime

The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International October 13th, 2017

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster and Nelson Muoki

It’s ENT week at CURE Kenya, and it’s Brian’s turn to be measured by the nurses! (Foster)
Mobile clinic lines can be long. This cute girl decided to bite on her mom's braids. (Muoki)


Photos by Zione Bokosi

Ken is into cars. He has found another one in the playroom and has loaded it with crayons.
Funny is teaching Bridget question tags. Bridget says she is familiar with them and it’s getting easier as the lessons are being done!

cure Niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Although not a Christian, Zakari has been attending church. He & his father are intrigued as to why Christians would do so much to help.
Gambo hesitantly checks out the room where his physical therapy is about to take place.


Photos by Marlene Bray

Dr. Shelley, Dr. Nesti, and Dr. Jun work very closely to correct Herlen’s clubfoot.
Nurse Tzaddi and Xyreen quickly became buddies during Xyreen’s first casting to correct her clubfoot.

cure uGANDA

Photo by Christopher Mullen

Jalia sits on her bed in the ICU as her mother Hadijah stands next to her.

cure zambia

Photos by Abby Tumelo

Jakonia is content as he sits playing with toys at the hydrocephalus workshop.
We like seeing kids in our hospital develop some great friendships
Rodrick, Margarete's brother, sleeps after his tenotomy, and his mom and her friends sit by his bed as they wait for him to wake up!

CURE dominican republic

Photo by Yovanni Medrano

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Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie

Abdi was shading himself in the sun while making his craft.
Pals, Alolegn, and Hagos, were enjoying arts and crafts outside in the sunshine with our volunteer Daniela.
Tadesse had this cool hat to keep him cool in the sun!