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The Week in Photos

Story by CURE International October 27th, 2017

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Achirou came here with his brother, Gali. But, as active kids do, he fell and got an infected cut. Now, he’s telling everyone he’s a patient
Hamza is prepping for surgery no. 4 and we never see smiles this big before an operation!

CURE Philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray and Hope Kim Doit

Melvia, a touch therapy specialist, visited our patients. Juliever even learned some techniques to soothe his son Nathaniel! (Bray)
Storytelling is one way to distract patients from a painful clinic visit. It works most of the time! (Doit)

cure uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Mark plays on his bed with his mom Salume.
Dr. Peter places a shunt.

CURE domincana

Photos by Yovanni Medrano

After a wonderful week, we said goodbye to the Mechanicsburg Community Church! They did a beautiful job at the hospital.
Hey Mom! It's my turn; hurry up! Cast is waiting for me.

CURE Ethiopia

Photos below by Bethlehem Teshome

Being silly and having fun! Abdi loves making these cute faces for the camera!

Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie

Dr. Tim was conducting rounds while stopping and posing with the vibrant Dalak!
Gojam is excited to be back and we’re happy about it, too!
Natnael was sitting next to his bed in the RJF ward and chatting with neighbors when we caught him mid laughter!

CURE kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster

A seven year old took this photo of his friend, and we absolutely loved the perspective.
This little guy’s mama was trying to get him to close his mouth for photos, but he thought it was a better idea to open it wider!
“He was crying,” Chege said. Apparently Chege, who works with our donors, was just the medicine that Aaron needed to stop!
“He knows how to pose,” Mama Ryan told us of Ryan, a ponsetti baby who came for a checkup at a clubfoot clinic.

Photos below by Elvis Lemaiyan

Mary works in the kitchen and Julia (in glasses) works in the lab, but it was Julia’s birthday month and Mary gave her a big hug!
CHEERS!! Ruth and Mary share a happy moment during devotion where September and October birthdays were celebrated.
Annalles did this amazing piece of art and his mum helped with the tiny details. Art runs in the family.

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock

We’ve never met this little girl before. She came in for clinic, but we’re falling in love with her big eyes and hairdo!
Dr. Laura, center, a plastic surgeon from Queens hospital, came to help Dr. Dan and Dr. Lubega operate on a complicated burn contracture.
Margret has been struggling with physiotherapy, but this time she did amazing! Physio Shadreck says she wants to do more!