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Behind the scenes with Angela, Immaculate, Esther, and Akol Esther

Bonus content from the 2016 Photo Book

Story by CURE International April 15th, 2016


That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about this year’s Photo Book.

Case in point: I literally ran out of the room to get extra batteries for the audio recorder when Angela started sharing her story. As a writer, and just as a person who loves people and their stories, it was clear we were about to encounter something really, really special.

We hope you felt that way about the full story, and hope you enjoy this candid look behind the scenes, too.

Akol Esther was gracious enough to demonstrate how to make the “local brew” so we could take photos for the story. The process involves a whole host of steps in between grinding millet and brewing the final product. It’s a community effort… chickens included.

Multimedia Producer Bryce Alan Flurie gets down on the ground to shoot Akol Esther grinding millet while Multimedia Editor Luke Broersma creates some shade with a diffusor.

(I was taking notes on the process and took this photo with my iPhone, not a real camera, much to Bryce’s chagrin.)


The end result of the above scene, and a favorite outtake of Akol Esther.


Luke records Angela leading worship in church. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out. You can hear several audio tracks from the shoot, including this one, here.


This is one of Bryce’s favorite photos from the shoot that never made it in the book. This woman worshipped with abandon and was soaked with sweat when she sat down to pray.

As is clear from the look on her face, Esther loves school. She is going to make a great teacher someday.

Esther also loves playing hand games and will play with any willing participant, something I was glad to learn as we passed the time to her village playing hand games together in the back of the bus.


Immaculate is incredible. It was an honor to have her show me the records she has kept through the years of all the moms she has led to the Lord at CURE Uganda.


This was a hard group to say goodbye to. We are so grateful for the kindness that was extended to us by everyone throughout the entire process, but especially by Angela. She gave us a gift in allowing us to share her story, and we hope it’s as special to you as it is to us.


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Footnote: Photos by Bryce Alan Flurie. Written by Beka Watts.